ELCOR Woven Acoustic Narrow Fix frame 106-inch diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio Projector Screen, Active 3D 4K Ultra Hd

  • ELCOR  PVC Woven Acoustic Narrow fixed frame projector screens
  • 106″inch diagonal with 52″height x 92″width viewing area
  • 16:9 aspect format
  • PVC Woven Acoustic long throw with 1.2 fabric gain
  • 0.30 mm fabric thickness
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Woven Acoustic Narrow Fix frame 106-inch

A fixed frame projection screen is a high-quality display surface commonly used in home theaters, conference rooms, and auditoriums. Unlike portable screens, fixed frame screens are permanently mounted to a wall or frame, providing a satiny and professional appearance. The screen material is stretched tightly across the frame to ensure a flat surface, optimizing image lucidity and brightness. Fixed frame screens are available in diverse sizes and aspect ratios to accommodate different viewing preferences and projector setups. They provide excellent color reproduction, contrast, and viewing angles, making them ideal for enveloping viewing experiences. Additionally, their fixed installation eliminates the hassle of setting up and taking down screens, providing a convenient and permanent solution for projection needs.


Woven acoustic projector screen fabric is a specialized material designed to enhance both visual and auditory experiences in home theaters and professional cinema environments. This fabric is conscientiously crafted to allow sound to pass through without distortion, ensuring that audio quality is not compromised while providing a high-definition, seamless projection surface. The woven structure minimizes patterns, common in traditional projector screens, and enhances the clarity and sharpness of the projected image. Its acoustic transparency makes it perfect for setups where speakers are put behind the screen, creating an immersive audio-visual experience by aligning sound with the on-screen action. This dual functionality makes woven acoustic projector screen fabric a premium choice for audiophiles and cinephiles seeking an optimal blend of sound and picture quality.

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Additional information


ELCOR Pro series

viewing area

52″height x 92″width



viewing angle


Casing color




Fabric gain ratio


Installation information

Free Guide with Expert team

Mounting type

wall and celling

Screen material

PVC Woven Acoustic

Screen type

Fixed Frame

Suitable projector

Standard throw / Long throw

Viewing format

16:09 (HDTV)


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