ELCOR Soft matte white tab-tensioned projector screen 77-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect format

  • ELCOR Soft matte white tab tensioned projector screens
  • 77″inch diagonal with 38″height x 67″width viewing area
  • 16:9 aspect format
  • soft matte white long throw with 1.2 fabric gain
  • 0.30 mm fabric thickness

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Soft matte white tab tensioned projector screen

Matte white fabric is a textile characterized by its smooth, non-reflective surface and bright white color. Typically made from materials like cotton, polyester, or a blend of both, it offers a soft and elegant appearance. Its matte finish reduces glare and creates a subtle, sophisticated aesthetic, making it popular for various applications such as clothing, drapery, upholstery, and crafting. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a staple in many design projects, offering a clean and modern look with a touch of understated elegance.


Soft Matte White Fabric

A soft matte white projector screen fabric is designed to provide an optimal surface for projecting images or videos with high clarity and contrast. Here’s a detailed description:

  • Surface Characteristics : Soft matte white projector screen fabric features a surface with a non-reflective matte finish. This finish spread out light evenly across the screen, minimizing glare and hot spots while providing a neutral background for accurate color reproduction.
  • Optimal Brightness and Contrast : The white color of the fabric increase the brightness and contrast of projected images or videos, ensuring realistic and lifelike visuals. Its moderate gain strikes a balance between brightness and viewing angle, making it satisfactory for various lighting conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Angle : With a wide viewing angle, the fabric allows for clear observability from different positions within the viewing area. This make sure that the audience can enjoy the projected content without experiencing significant humiliation in image quality, even when viewing from twisted angles.
  • Smooth and Tensioned Surface : The fabric’s smooth surface prevents distortion and artifacts in the projected image, maintaining sharpness and clarity. Additionally, some variants of this fabric come with tensioning properties to keep the screen flat and wrinkle-free, ensuring compatible image quality over time.

Soft matte white tab-tensioned projector screen 77-inch


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Model No.DiagonalViewing Area (In INCHES) - HxWAspect formatJump Into
PS77INETTS801877"38 x 6716:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS92INETTS801892"45" x 80"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS100INETTS8018100"49" x 87"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS106INETTS8018106"52" x 92"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS110INETTS8018110"54" X 96"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS119INETTS8018119"58" X 104"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS120INETTS8018120"59" X 105"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS133INETTS8018133"65" X 116"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS150INETTS8018150"74" X 131"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...
PS180INETTS8018180"88" X 157"16:09 HDTV formatClick here...

Additional information


ELCOR Pro series

Model no.


viewing area

38"height x 67"width



Casing color

Black, White



Installation information

Free Guide with Expert team

Fabric gain ratio


Mounting type

wall and celling

Screen material

Matte White fabric

Screen type


Viewing format

16:09 (HDTV)

Suitable projector

Standard throw / Long throw


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