ELCOR Narrow Fixed frame projector 100-inch diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio, Active 3D 4K Ultra Hd

  • ELCOR Narrow fixed frame projector screens
  • 100″inch diagonal with 49″height x 87″width viewing area
  • 16:9 aspect format
  • Acoustically long throw with 1.2 fabric gain
  • 0.30 mm fabric thickness
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Narrow Fixed frame projector 100-inch

A narrow fix frame projector screen is a sleek and modern solution for displaying high-quality illustrations. Designed with a slim frame, this screen maximizes the viewing area while minimizing any distractions. Its fixed frame ensures a stretched surface for flawless image projection, free from wrinkles or twist. Ideal for home theaters, boardrooms, or any space where image clarity is most important, these screens offer a professional and hypnotic viewing experience. With easy installation and a clean, modern aesthetic, narrow fix frame projector screens raise any presentation or entertainment setup.

Acoustic projector fabric

Acoustic projector fabric is a specialized material designed to magnify both visual and audio performance in home theaters, conference rooms, auditoriums, and other multimedia environments. Here’s a detailed description:

  • Acoustic Transparency : The fabric is engineered with micro-perforations or small holes that allow sound to pass through with slightest interference. These perforations are strategically designed to maintain the integrity of the fabric’s surface while ensuring optimal acoustic transparency. This feature enables speakers placed behind the screen to deliver clear and immersive sound without obstruction.
  • High-Quality Projection Surface : in spite of its acoustic properties, the fabric maintains high-quality visual characteristics acceptable for projection applications. It typically features a smooth, matte white or gray surface that ensures uniform brightness, contrast, and color accuracy across the entire projection area. This surface is optimized to minimize hot spotting and color distortion, resulting in a crisp and vibrant image.
  • Tensioning System : To ensure a flat and wrinkle-free projection surface, acoustic projector fabric often incorporates a tensioning system. This system may include tensioning cords or tabs along the edges of the fabric, which can be adjusted to maintain proper tension and prevent sagging over time. The tensioning mechanism helps to preserve the fabric’s uprightness and ensures optimal image quality during projection.

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Additional information


ELCOR Pro series

Model no.


viewing area

49″height x 87″width



viewing angle


Casing color




Fabric gain ratio


Installation information

Free Guide with Expert team

Mounting type

Wall Mount

Viewing format

16:09 (HDTV)

Screen material

Acaustically White

Suitable projector

Standard throw / Long throw

Screen type

Fixed Frame


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